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The dynamic employee benefit division at Creative Planning is currently seeking candidates for various positions to contribute to our rapidly expanding team. We are looking for recent college graduates who are interested in a career with unlimited potential for personal growth and professional advancement, a stimulating work environment, and a meaningful contribution to the community.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the professional staff to improve current company techniques and efficiency
  • Prepare for and attend client and company meetings with our account executives and sales producers
  • Gain insight to the complexities of the insurance, human resources, and employee benefits industries
  • Independently complete various company projects Assist account executives and sales producers with daily tasks

Position Responsibilities:

  • Seek out prospective clients through networking with other professionals
  • Offer customized employee benefit solutions to potential and current clients.
  • Explain various policy features, rates, advantages and disadvantages to best suit the needs of each client
  • Act as an intermediate between insurance companies and insurance buyers
  • Maintain a trusted relationship with existing clients

Position Responsibilities:

  • Assist account executives in automating intricate processes and procedures
  • Collaborate with other professionals across the organization to support company goals and objectives
  • Work with carriers to resolve billing discrepancies, claim issues and membership changes
  • Research and interpret government legislation that will influence the employee benefit industry
  • Prepare recommendations and presentation materials for account executives and sales producers


To apply, please contact:

Jamie Meyer,
Director of Client Services & Questions


Phone: 913-955-3671

Toll Free: 877-385-7002
Fax: 913-385-7007